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Echo has defined a number of highly prospective brownfields exploration targets across the Empire District. 

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A first pass drill program was completed at the Wimbledon Gold Prospect in April 2017. The mineralised zone, as logged varied between 4 and 12 metres of true thickness and remains open at depth and along strike. 

Significant intersections (4m composites) to date from Wimbledon over the 400m portion of the system tested to date include:

  • 28 metres @ 4.47g/t Au from 42 metres (EWAC116, incl. 4m @ 27.60)
  • 32 metres @ 3.79 g/t Au from 20 metres (EWAC101, incl. 8m @ 8.36)
  • 32 metres @ 2.68 g/t Au from 32 metres (EWAC096)
  • 52 metres @ 1.18 g/t Au from 32 metres (EWAC113,incl. 4m @ 4.77 and 12m @ 3.02)

Full results are available in the release to ASX dated 24 May 2017


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Drilling at the Shady Well gold prospect was undertaken in March 2017 and returned excellent near-surface gold results.

Shall well is located 20km south of Julius. AC drilling terminated on the contact of mafic-ultramafic lithologies in highly weathered felsic volcaniclastic sediments. Identified mineralisation remains open at depth and along strike to the north and south. 

Significant intersections (4m composites, 1m re-splits to be submitted) to date from Shady Well include:

  • 14 metres @ 4.83 g/t Au from 28 metres to EOH (EWAC074, incl. 4m @ 15.91)
  • 24 metres @ 3.24 g/t Au from 24 metres (EWAC072)
  • 8 metres @ 4.90 g/t Au from 12 metres (EWAC070)
  • 24 metres @ 0.98 g/t Au from 8 metres (EWAC067)

Full results are available in the release to ASX dated 19 April 2017

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Drilling at the Orpheus gold prospect in March 2017 which is located 8km south of Julius provided early indications of the existence of another deeply weathered gold deposit.

Gold mineralisation intersected to date remains open to the north and south with significant intersections to date including:

  • 19 metres @ 1.32 g/t Au from 52 metres (EWAC004, incl. 8m @ 2.38)
  • 4 metres @ 9.37 g/t Au from 56 metres (EWAC015)
  • 8 metres @ 3.00 g/t Au from 48 metres (EWAC016)
  • 32 metres @ 0.80 g/t Au from 32 metres (EWAC027)
  • 8 metres @ 5.23 g/t Au from 48 metres (EWAC051)
  • 16 metres @ 1.81 g/t Au from 68 metres (EWAC054)

Full results are available in the release to ASX dated 30 March 2017

In August 2016 Echo acquired a 70% interest in tenement applications over 215 km2 of prime Yandal exploration ground. The tenure includes two shallow gold deposits; Lowlands and Slav Well as well as a number of other prospects with multiple historic gold intersections. The tenement applications sit immediately south of and complement Echo’s existing large landholding creating a significant contiguous Yandal Greenstone Belt exploration area.

Exploration activities will commence immediately when all required approvals are in place.